Win 100+ New High-Value Patients in 2023

with german marketing efficiency for your clinic in the United States of America

a few of our clients


A-Talents for your scaling process.

We brought together experts from several fields - a dedicated freelance collective - all with one mission in mind: Deliver better and more reliable results for your clinic.

  • Videograph/Fotograph/Content Editor/Senior Marketer/ Experienced Mediabuyers/Copywriter/Website Designer
  • 5+ years of experience in marketing for clinics
  • Experience growth and quality the german way


Only pay us when you win a patient.

We figured that cooperation works best when all actiontaker in the process have the incentive to WIN BIG. That's why we allign your goals with our goals.

  • No fixed monthly fee. Only commision based.
  • We find the edge to outperform your competitor.
  • You win a new patient, we get a share of the profits.
  • 60 new leads per month for an ear correction consultation
  • Hiring of additional surgeons and consulting personal
  • Germanwide expansion of advertising campaigns on social media

Achieve your business goals.

Düsseldorf - Aesthetic Clinic Med - Dr. Oliver Schumacher

  • Problem: The existing Website + Google Ad Campaigns were not effective enough to really scale the clinic and grow the revenue in a big way!
  • Goal: More patients for the main treatments (Ear correction and breast augmentation). Higher Revenue Level in order to hire more surgeons. Capacity Optimization and more popularity in the supra-regional area.
  • Result: Significant increase in sales compared to the previous year. Implementation of conversion-optimized landing pages for the main treatments, with needs-oriented addressing, clear uniqueness of the offer and convincing video reports from the patients.

Your scaling partners.

Our 3-headed core team manages an international freelance collective.

Luis Götz
The Strategist

Luis will be your primary contact and he manages the whole team and is responsible for the macro strategy.

Tom Lieb
The Process Optimizer

Tom will optimize the whole patient- winning-process and automate your clinic tasks.

Lukas Kneip
The Ad Wizard

Lukas will create and manage your ads portfolio. He knows every trick in the book to make your ads extremely profitable.

Why did we expand our clientele to the US?

We achieved great results in Germany and now we expand to the US Market because we are certain that we see clear edges that the plastical-surgeons in the United States are not using yet. We want to bring these marketing edges directly to you.

Let's connect.

We would love to talk about your business and innovate digital marketing solutions together.

#1 Talk with us

Together we will take a look at your current situation and your goals. You will receive honest feedback and we figure out if we are the right fit for each other.

#2 Win new patients

In the first 8-weeks we will revolutionize the way potential patients look at you and your offers. You will win your first patients through our implemented funnels.

#3 Scale your clinic

After a few optimization rounds we can implement the big scaling plan for your clinic. You gain a lot more money and time.